• Week 1: How to avoid the #1 mistake that means no one would buy your book, no matter how brilliant it is

    And 21 ways to mind-read what your readers want, easily building a tribe of hungry readers, even before you're published

  • Week 2: 5 reasons why your dream customers (and your bank manager!) WISH you would write your book

    And how to avoid the mistake that means most New York Times best-selling authors are broke…

  • Week 3: Ten not-to-be-missed ways your book could grow your business

    Even while you’re sleeping. Hint: my book readers are already superfans when they sign up for my newsletter - priceless.

  • Week 4: The four biggest blocks that mean most people will never write their book

    And how to get past them - it's easier than you might think, when you know how

  • Week 5: Self-publishing essentials for busy business owners

    Discover what publishers are looking for – and how to do it yourself, if that’s what you prefer

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Don't Know Clare Josa Yet?

Clare Josa, Mentor To Passionate World-Changers
Clare Josa, Mentor To Passionate World-Changers

Clare is currently writing her fifth book (Dare To Dream Bigger - The Inside Work Handbook For Passionate World-Changers), sharing gems and insights from having been a mentor to entrepreneurs since 2002.

She originally trained as a Mechanical Engineer, gaining a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and German. After 10 years specialising in diesel engine manufacturing quality and Lean Manufacturing, she became Head of Market Research at Dyson. She loved being the translator between the marketing team, the design engineers and the customers.

This sparked her love of NLP ('practical psychology' / the 'user manual for your brain') and she qualified as an NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and then an NLP Trainer. Since then she has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, both one-to-one and through live seminars and workshops, empowering them to do the 'inside work' - releasing those hidden blocks - so that you set yourself free to make the difference you dream of in the world.

In this free Masterclass, she is going to be sharing strategies from the world of market research, little-known NLP secrets and practical insights from having written five books herself, and having helped many entrepreneurs to do write their book, too.

What people say about Clare Josa's Masterclasses:

  • Rosie Slosek, Founder Of One Man Band Accounting
    Clare has a way of explaining things you already knew so you create breakthroughs.
    Rosie Slosek, Founder Of One Man Band Accounting
  • Karen Campos, Real Estate CEO
    Working with Clare was the missing link for me. She speaks powerful truth about what works in the world, sharing incredible wisdom and savvy smarts in the most heartfelt way.
    Karen Campos, Real Estate CEO

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