• Get a 5 minute energy-boosting technique each day

    And they're all zero-cost - no crazy-expensive powders or shakes - all the techniques are free

  • Set yourself free from old energy-draining patterns

    With each day's technique, you also get a mind-detox challenge, so you can ditch the out-of-date habits that were leaving you exhausted

  • Learn insider secrets and gold dust gems from Clare Josa's 20+ years of studying & teaching this stuff (based on yoga, meditation, mindfulness & NLP)

    Wherever your energy levels are now, you'll discover ways to press 'pause' on the drains and discover quick, simple and safe ways to top up your batteries, fast

Join us free! It's my gift to you and your future.

Don't Know Clare Yet?

Clare Josa, Mentor To Passionate World-ChangersClare Josa is a Mentor To Passionate World-Changers and she knows what it's like to feel busy, with constant drains on your energy.

As a certified Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher, and the author of 2 books on meditation and mindfulness, she has a wide range of techniques she can share with you, to help you to top up your energy levels.

And her 13+ years as an NLP Trainer (the 'user manual' for your brain) mean she can also help you with the thought habits that are the root cause for draining our energy.

If you're secretly yearning to feel more vibrantly alive and energised, join her for this free 5 day challenge. You've got nothing to lose, and a lifetime of having more energy to gain.

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